Gradescope is integrated into all Blackboard courses at Gonzaga.


1. Log in to Blackboard and open the course you'd like to link to Gradescope
2. Click the Tools tab
3. Select Gradescope Course from the option (you may have to click on ‘more tools’) 

4. Enter assignment title and options, then save
5. Click on title of assignment just created to open Gradescope
6. Once Gradescope launches (it can be slow to launch), you will see a dialog box with course-linking options. Choose to link to a new or existing Gradescope course, and then click Link Course to go to the Course Settings page.
7. On the Course Settings page, you can update the course title, description, rubric types, and score bounds. Keep in mind that course title and description changes made here will only appear in Gradescope, not in Blackboard.
8. When you're finished, click Update Course. Your course is now linked
9. Next, sync the student roster in Gradescope by selecting the Roster option in the course dashboard and then clicking Sync Blackboard Roster (detailed steps: Syncing rosters)



1. Open your course in Blackboard and select a Content area in the left-hand menu
2. Click the Build Content tab
3. Select Gradescope Assignment from the options - this will launch Gradescope

4. Link to a new or existing assignment with the options in the pop-up window  
Note: If the course has not been linked to a course, you will be directed to select or create a course before creating the assignment



Gradescope support site: detailed instructions for using Gradescope in Blackboard as an instructor (note: GU has Blackboard original and Gradescope LTI 1.3), includes information on:
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