About Gradescope

Recordings from August Gradescope Workshop Series

Gradescope offered a workshop series to learn how instructors use Gradescope. The series covered all Gradescope assignment types and course formats, including the LMS workflow. In the session they offered guidance on the delivery of assignments that are hand written, fully online, and a combination of the two.

Available Sessions:

  • Gradescope for In-Person Teaching

    • Wednesday, August 3rd | recording of the workshop

  • Gradescope for Online and Hybrid Teaching

    • Tuesday, August 2nd and 15th | recording of the workshop 

  • Gradescope for Computer Science

  • Gradescope for Existing Users

    • Tuesday, August 9th | recording of the workshop

  • Using Bubble Sheets in Gradescope 

    • Wednesday, August 17th | recording of the workshop 

  • Using Gradescope in Your LMS 

    • Blackboard: Tuesday, August 9th| recording of the workshop
    • Canvas: Wednesday, August 10th | recording of the workshop


According to Gradescope's website, the program:
  • supports variable-length assignments (problem sets & projects) as well as fixed-template assignments (worksheets, quizzes, or exams).

  • allows instructors to grade paper-based, digital, and code assignments in half the time.

  • helps you seamlessly administer and grade all of your assessments, whether online or in-class.

  • saves time grading and gives a clear picture of how your students are doing.

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