Project Status


If you are interested in participating in the Gradescope Pilot Project or would like to receive updates on the project, please complete this form.


02/2023 -  PRC (Project Review Committee) presentation for ongoing support of Gradescope
current - 05/31/2023 - 18 month pilot



2/1/2022 - Single sign on (SSO) has been configured for Gradescope. This means that instructors and students can use their GU credentials to login to Gradescope if they choose not to go through Blackboard.
1/19/2022 - Gradescope has been integrated into Blackboard production and is now available in all courses - pilot participants have  been notified
1/7/2022 - Results of successful testing received from multiple instructors, so a request for integration in the live Blackboard environment placed. Please note: any courses and assignments created in Gradescope now will be available to add to a Blackboard course when the integration is complete
11/16/2021 - Current Gradescope users who volunteered to tesk the Blackboard integration were contacted to start testing in the Blackboard stage environment, once testing is successful, Gradescope will be added to the live Blackboard environment
11/8/2021 - Gradescope contract signed
10/26/2021 - Gradescope agrees to extend the pilot project to 18 months to align it with Gonzaga's PRC schedule
10/12/2021 - Request for testers and presenters sent to all Gonzaga instructors using Gradescope
10/7/2021 - Foley Library's ATAS department receives permission to continue to shepherd the project by connecting with Gonzaga's PMO, iDD, CTA, and faculty users along with Gradescope support personnel

10/01/2021 - GU's General Counsel submits contract recommendations

09/21/2021 - ITS Security Officer contacted about Gradescope 
09/01/2021 - End of freemium version of Gradescope offered during the pandemic (Gradescope agrees to continue free licenses with work in good faith toward acquiring an institutional license) 
04/07/2020 to current - continued interest and requests for institutional license
04/06/2020 - PRC (Project Review Committee) declines/puts on hold subscribing to Gradescope 

 09/20/2019 - Request submitted to purchase an institutional license of Gradescope instead of individual accounts
08/05/2016 - First known use of Gradescope at Gonzaga
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