Questions and Issues

This page will be used to display questions asked and issues encountered during the pilot.

Error when syncing roster
Instructors will receive the following error when syncing a roster for an unavailable Blackboard course.
LTI 1.3 responded with error: Please contact

Make sure that the course is visible and available before syncing the roster.

Does Gradescope work in Canvas?
Yes, Gradescope integrates with Canvas (and all major LMS) in a similar way as it does with Blackboard. All of the courses and assignments reside in the Gradescope program, but the integration creates a bridge for easy access from the LMS and to allow grades to push back into the LMS grade center. 

Where is the option to add a Gradescope assignment?
When you click on the Build Content tab, you may have to scroll through the options to see Gradescope Assignment toward the bottom of the list:

Why is the 'Post Grades to ZagGrade' button missing?
Without that button, you cannot push grades back to the Blackboard Grade Center. 
  1. Make sure to link your assignments with Blackboard: Using Gradescope with Blackboard as an Instructor - Setting up your assignments. Note, Gonzaga University is using Blackboard LTI 1.3 so please follow the instructions for this version. 
  2. Make sure the roster for the course is synced:
  3.  Access Gradescope through Blackboard when you want to push grades back to Blackboard. You may not have the same connection if you go directly to the Gradescope site.

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